We recommend The Google Chrome Web Browser. It runs web pages amazingly fast! Even on older machines

Posted: 12th February 2010

We recommend that everyone download and install Google Chrome for free. It runs web pages amazingly fast! Even on older machines, and if you're currently using Internet Explorer (especially IE6) you're likely to see speed improvements of 10 times or more.

Google Chrome

Most people view web pages using Internet Explorer (IE), this is because it's usually the default web browser that comes with a new computer. Some vendors have started including other browsers with new computers, however most people are already used to double-clicking the “Blue E” to start browsing the web and most don't know there are alternatives or there is any real difference.

There has always been a battle between IE and other web browsers mainly website developers who are frustrated with the disproportionate amount of time that it requires to code websites for it. However support for other browsers seems to be accelerating now.

Google has announced it will phase out support for IE6, and there is a downing street petition calling for the UK government to stop using IE6 and move to a more modern browser. Already, the French and German governments have called for all users to abandon the browser completely and find an alternative because of a lack of security.

We find Google Chrome to be faster than any of the other browsers, and since they announced support for extensions, it is now our preferred web browser.

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