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Flaydemouse Summer Newsletter 2011

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Welcome to the Summer 2011 edition of our new Flaydemouse newsletter. We've made some improvements to our email hosting recently which we hope you'll like.

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Email security

Are your emails protected?

Soaring smartphone sales and the advent of fast, affordable wireless internet mean that more and more of us are choosing to access online services wirelessly. However, the prevalence of public wireless access has led to a growing problem of eavesdropping.

Most web browsing over open wireless connections can be easily intercepted and in many cases important information including passwords can be gathered. The story is no different for email and many of the largest email providers are vulnerbale in this way including Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

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Encrypted email access now available to all hosting customers

In light of this we are pleased to announce that a recent update to our email server means we offer fully encrypted email access to both new and existing hosting customers. Email encryption eliminates the risk of eavesdropping so that you can be confident in the security of your account when using public networks.

Existing hosting customers need not do anything to benefit from the improved performance of our upgraded email server. However, in order to use encrypted email, customers will need to make minor changes to their email configuration. If you would like to take advantage of this added security, give us a call on 01935 479453 so that we can talk you through the changes required, or alternatively drop by at our offices with your laptop or mobile.

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