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Web Design Portfolio: Ottery Antiques - Maker & Restorers of Fine Antique Furniture

Ottery Antiques need to display their stock of selected antiques for sale as well as information about their Antique Furniture Restoration service.

We built a CMS website with a responsive design that adapts to fill the screen & is optimised for iPad/Tablets & iPhone/Smart Phones.

  • Home page with latest items slideshows

  • Page items fill the available screen width

  • Item Details and slideshow fill the available screen width

  • Full screen images with magnification glass

  • Payments via PayPal

  • Integrated maps and directions

Our Involvement:

  • Complete Design & Build
  • Responsive design optimised for iPad/Tablets & iPhone/Smart Phones
  • Custom CMS (Customer controls the content of the website)
  • Image Slideshows
  • PayPal payments
  • Interactive maps including postcode directions
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