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Web Design Portfolio: Players Zone - Street Soccer Video Tutorials

Website visitors can signup for an annual pass allowing access to watch training videos of the latest moves from the best street soccer players from around the world.

The responsive design adapts to fill the screen & is optimised for iPad/Tablets & iPhone/Smart Phones.

  • Home page with introduction videos

  • Links to players profiles

  • Player profile with bio, slideshow & links to the videos

  • Create an account & pay with PayPal

  • Links to players videos when signed in

  • Watch video on the site when signed in

Our Involvement:

  • Complete Design & Build
  • Responsive design optimised for iPad/Tablets & iPhone/Smart Phones
  • Custom CMS (Customer controls the content of the website)
  • Image Slideshows
  • Embedded videos (account required)
  • Enquiry form
  • Subscribe & pay online
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