Bespoke Email Marketing Campaigns For Your Business

18th March 2010

An email marketing campaign can be used to announce new services, products or special offers, directly to your customers' inboxes and is a 'green alternative' with no print bills or distribution costs. It is a cost effective and direct form of marketing that takes advantage of your existing customer base to keep in touch and build customer loyalty and repeat business and can be sent to thousands of people in seconds.

75% of companies rate email as excellent for return on investment, and 30% claimed an ROI from email in excess of 500%.

Email Marketing Census 2010

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Attractively Designed

We can design an attractive and effective bespoke layout for your newsletter campaigns, maintaining the look and feel of your existing brand. We can also personalise the newsletter with a first name and last name.

Tracking & Statistics

With our newsletter management system, you can manage your customer list, display viewing statistics and see click through rates, gauging the success of your campaigns.

These email marketing campaigns can also be linked into Google Analytics, allowing you to track viewing habits directly from the newsletter visitors. You can see what pages they visited, time they spent on the site or actions they took.

Integrating with your ecommerce website

We can also build custom email marketing solutions tailored to you, for example integration to your e-commerce shop can also be added, so particular products can be included into your newsletter with a few clicks, allowing you to quickly promote new or special offers. By offering things like unique discount codes in the content of your newsletters, you can also directly track the success of your campaigns every single time.

We can use our years of experience to advise on the kind of content to add, as well as the best day and time to send your newsletters out. With our newsletter management system, emails are simple to edit, and quick to use.

If you are considering an email newsletter campaign phone us on 01935 479453 or use our contact form.